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Hey folks,

I've been busy and spending some time out of town. Hopefully I'll be able to catch up with what all of you folks have been doing.

I had the pleasure of finally meeting this gorgeous girl in one of my recent trips to Montreal. It’s so good that she visits Toronto because that increases my chances of seeing her more often than not.

Messaged her to book and everything was set up with a few days in advance. The day I eagerly awaited for finally came. Made it to out appointment and she was ready. She opened the door and she received me with a radiant smile and friendly warmth. After all technicalities were taken care of, we sat to chat and enjoy some wine. She was so nice and friendly. And I just couldn’t take my eyes of her beautiful face. Things started to heat up, little by little and the LFK’s started happening along with some light caressing and hugs. But then we found each other doing some DFK and the intensity of things increased… to the point where some clothing started getting off right there in the couch. Time to move to a more comfortable space. In the bedroom whatever clothing was left started getting loose… and off it went. DFK continued along with a hand exploration of our bodies. Oh boy… touching those natural curves of her was a delight… along with those kisses, she’s an exceptionally good kisser. My tongue felt a little left behind and had to catch up with what my hands were doing: exploring her body. Which was a delightful and incredibly enjoyable experience… which I think she enjoyed as well as per how her body reacted and the sounds she make. She made me lay down and then proceeded to show me that her mouth and tongue not only have incredibly good kissing skills but other amazing skills as well… I said amazing. Before losing control I said that we had to do other things. And she obliged. Rubber on.. she got on top… an amazing ride. What a delight to see her face and continue to feel those curves of her. And she enjoyed it to the max, engaged into what we were doing all the time. We kept on going and at some point we switched and I found myself on top… until this joyride, this brief moment of passion and pleasure, came to an end. We lay down and talked for a bit while recovering our breasts. Some more LFK here and there until, unfortunately, time came for me to leave. All good things must come to an end, oh yes. But that’s why I said I’m happy that she’ll be coming to Toronto so I get to see her more often than not.

Oh… am I planning on seeing her again? Hell yeah!
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