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Kitchener Desiring Evaline Desire ~ 38I-35-48 ~ Tri-Cities & Grey Bruce Touring

Desire Evaline

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Sep 29, 2018
Age, Stats, & Discription:

I'm a mid-30’s curvaceous, blonde bombshell with delicious curves, a bouncy bottom and thick thighs.

The bra I’m wearing is from Adore Me in a 38I, and their panties are a 0X or 1X depending on the style.

I wear a size 9/Euro 40 in heels, but I only wear heels on request because 5’9″-ish is my height (I’m over 6 feet in heels).

I wear everything from an XL to a size 18 depending how the cut fits my curves.


Who I am:

I am a returning touring companion who chose a new name for privacy reasons. I am well reviewed in the handful of reviews since I returned, and very well reviewed prior to leaving previously.

I look forward to making new friends and reconnecting with those I've had the pleasure of meeting previously.

When touring or visiting people in the GTA (Mississauga, Brampton Etobicoke, Toronto Scarborough, Vaughan, Markham), Durham Region (Pickering, Ajax Whitby, Oshawa, Bowmanville, Port Perry, Uxbridge and beyond):

If this is our first meeting:

$200~ Coffee, tea or me? (half hour)

$300~ A brief Introduction (1 Hour)

$500~ The Gentleman's Hour (1.5 Hours)

$600~ Lost In The Moment (2 Hours)

$850~ Don't Let This End (3 Hours)


I tour when I'm able to. I have upcoming trips to:

Toronto ~ February 7th-9th (Downtown on the P.A.T.H)

Peterborough ~ February 14th - 15th

Port Elgin / Southampton ~ February 23rd - 25th

Kitchener February 25th - 26th (possible)

Barrie ~ February 28th - March 2nd

Durham Region

I base other travel on requests. I am always available to visit you when our schedules align.

Text me at 647-695-9126 or email me at [email protected] to schedule a rendezvous.

If we have previously met...

You may be entitled to my previous structure. Sorry for the increase. It is due to higher hotel and travel costs. All relevant past structures honoured for those I know.

More insight into time with me:

Due to popular request here is my 'menu':

Typically our featured menu selection is a succulent serving of sweetness with a side of spicy zest.

Deciding on the number of courses is always left to your discretion.

Please understand this is fine dining establishment, and not a fast food restaurant. Casual attire is acceptable, and this particular establishment caters to all consenting adults.

Profanity is not acceptable when making a reservation.


Making Plans:

I will always have select availability so advance planning is recommended (though certainly not required) so I can guarantee we get the opportunity to connect. I do try to leave windows of opportunity when I am making plans to allow for shorter notice because I understand some will not have a schedule which allows for advance planning.

♥ Muti-day visits available Canada wide (world wide for those I am comfortable with). You handle the accommodations, and I will handle my travel expenses!
♥ Couples are encouraged to plan 90 minutes + of their own preferred experience.

When I come to you:
I am available to come to you most times with some notice. Please take travel time, and traffic into consideration when making your request. I am typically accurate (within 15 minutes) of my estimated arrival time. If I am traveling to your area you are more than welcome to invite me to the location of your choice. I have made sure I am able to visit your location of choice without additional fees to you if it is within an hours travel time.

More about my day to day:

I juggle regular employment and set my play time around that schedule. Please understand I take my employment obligations very seriously. I respect your employment schedule and ask you do the same. Good things come to those who wait and I will try to accommodate you at another time if we do not connect due to our schedules.

The upside is I only make myself available when I am inclined to have companionship. The benefits of that inclination far outweigh the downside of limited availability I assure you.


Where I normally am:

I am based in the GTA. My schedule is flexible and fluid with a bit of planning. I limit myself to 2-3 visits per week unless I am visiting with another friend or touring. My locations in the GTA are often shared, private spaces unless otherwise indicated. You MUST pre-plan to use private spaces.

Please note:
Touring is not always viable, but coming to visit you as an Ontario companion is! With that said... Magical moments where a friend invites me to go with her on a trip will occasionally happen also... Then we are getting into some serious fun!
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