Made with Love

Fkk Wellcum , Austria -10-21-22 - Lena


Aug 29, 2012
After my threesome with Adrianna & the Sexy Devil me & my buddies grabbed some good food in the dining. The buffet was very good & they even had grilled steak that evening as well as other tasty meats. After dinner we sat at the bar . That's when first I noticed a petite woman sitting in the shadows on the opposite side of the curved bar drinking a glass of wine. She was wearing a black teddy and had hair up , very prim and proper looking. As I occasionally glanced at her I noticed she seemed nervous and would look at her watch often & then take a small sip of her wine. She intrigued me & I told my buddies she looks like a soccer mom sneaking out to a bar for a rendezvous with her lover & he didn't show. About an hour later some guy sat next to her & after talking for a while he left. Another hour or passed and she moved to my side of the bar and ordered another glass of wine. I could now get a better look at her and she looked cute so i went to talk to her. Her name was Lena and she was 30 years old and lived in another town over 300 Kms away. Maybe my concocted fantasy about her had some merit after all. As we talked she started to smile more & I decided to take the place of her lover that jilted her......... Hey it's my fantasy.

In the room we showered and then talked for a while on the bed. Lena was loosening up more now as we joked and laughed for some time . Finally there was an awkward silence as we both realized why were there so I asked Lena to give me a BJ . Lena leaned down and began a really nice sensual BBBJ with a lot of eye contact. After a while she was getting me close so I had her move up on the bed next to me. I then began kissing her neck as I reached down and gently rubbed my hand over her pussy. When she started wiggling her pelvis against my hand I moved down for Daty. As I licked her Lena moaned as she gently ran her fingers thru my hair. This fantasy was getting good . I continued daty until she let out a low moan and pulled away slightly. I sat up and asked her to get me a little harder. Lena moved up on her knees and elbows and began more bbbj on me.

Next Lena applied a cover on me and we began doggy. I went slow and deep at first until she put her hands on the headboard and began pushing back onto my Dick. She was now making soft wimpering noises so I grabbed a hold of her hips and pulled her hard and fast against me. I then had her turn over entered her while I bent my head down & lightly licked her nipples with the tip of my tongue. After a few minutes I moved down on top of her so I could go deeper inside her. We fucked that way for time until I popped. I remained inside of her for some time as we calmed down. Finally I moved off of her as she held the condom on. Damn this WAS a hell of a fantasy. At the locker I gave 70E + 10E tip.

I showered and went back to the bar. That evening on the way back to our hotel one of my buddies said Lena interested him and asked me how it went . I told him the details & also that Lena said she was planning to be at the club the next day. My buddy said he planned of going to a room with her when we went back the next day. She never showed . Also we couldn't find her name on the Wellcum site for ladies present at the club. I told him maybe she went back to her husband .......... My Fantasy lives on!
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