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IN-Call Hailey @ Naughty Girls Toronto: second time even better

mynameismo said:
Wow awesome review Wilson price for 2 hours almost as much for one hour with elite SP. Would you see her again if her hourly price increases?
Thanks MO, I agree with you and her service is on the same level of any elite SP; the new price is $220/hr, for sure I'll see her again even the price increases.
Looney said:
Were you expecting lubeless anal after reading the reviews, were you surprised when she put in on Wilson?.
Looney the first time when i've met her she didn't use she was starting on this business and it was a surprise to everyone, to me as well: if you read the posts on her older reviews on HUBGFE from one month ago you will realize it. I was expecting a great time with her and I had it during both sessions that I've seen Hailey.
Senor Gomes said:
OH NO Lube on the alert :eek:, pity. How big is your stick wilson.

:eek: Gomes you are so curious as other guy that would like to know the size of "sticks" of members aboard I don't remember his name :lol::lol: a little bit above average I guess.
Guido said:
So many great reviews, so many great ladies I keep reading about, I just don't know who to call first anymore! Thank you guys!

You're welcome, thanks Guido; After reading reviews, make a list with the girls who suit what are you looking for and when your schedules match go see them. I have my TDL and my ATF list. If you don't know where start I suggest you call first the girls who have a higher number of good reviews and endorsements in your list.
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