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How do you feel after your session?

4Times said:
A few of my sessions have left me in a pussy drunk state where I had to sit down for an hour or so to sort out the events and get the stupid grin off my face.

Pussy drunkenness occurs because of Daty, your nostrils get filled with pussy juice and that keeps you on a high for a while.:lol:
king21 said:
First of all, physically, I am spent, have to go straight home and sleep for at least an hour. Emotionally, I feel high, I say to myself, I was just physically intimate with an attractive young woman more than 1/2 my age!

That's just because you're old!


As I'm leaving after an adventure, I look at my watch, and think boy I'm cutting this close to get to the next location!

Play hard or go home. This hobby isn't for wussies! LMAO
I leave feeling drunk or high. I'm not usually a talkative person but after a session, I lose a few inhibitions and I will talk start chatting with random people in the elevator, the hostess at the restaurant, etc... when I usually dont. Sentry and I usually reminisce about sessions weeks or even months later, which just gets us horny all over again. This is why I appreciate the services that SPs provide so much. Why everyone doesn't partake of them is a mystery to me.
If I have a good session, I want to tell everyone, but since that isn't always possible, I keep the memories to myself and sniff the SP's love juices that are still in my moustache until I have a shower. Sometimes I get a cup of warm water and drink that through my moustache to have SP Tea.
I feel good after an appointment. There is nothing like the hormones secreted after an intimate encounter to keep emotions and feelings good and pleasant. I definately think about the encounter for sometime afterward.

I think it depends on the encounter, if we (SP and I) had a good time or not. (I really want the SP to have a good time).
That is the problem with review boards as they promote a certain level of expectation. However, I know that is not fair for the SP therefore I try do not have any expectations going in as I know it is YMMV.

And in most cases I feeling like turning around and getting back in there for longer, the next day, and the next day.
rileyroyal said:
When I was working at the agency after every appointment all I could think about was getting food usually mcdonalds.

now being indie. it depends on if its a repeat or not. repeats have me putting away feelings that I can't really deal with i.e he is soo nice maybe I could date him. I just need to hope into a shower and move on to house work.

I don't really have much feelings on the first timers, some I wish would return but I have to remember them returning has nothing to do with me since they made the choice to see me to start with.

Thanks RR! It is great to hear the SP side of things.
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