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IN-Call Kirk's POV Review: Leslie @ TOG/Mystique

Lone Wolf said:
It was my first time seeing her, though I had heard from a few of my friends who had seen her, that they were sure that I was going to like her.

I have heard from several guys that Sophya of Toronto Girlfriends, and Allegra of Entourage are extremely nice looking. I did try to book Sophya, but could not match a time on the only day she was working downtown. (I didn't want to have to go to Markham to see her). Allegra was not available this week. I have heard that Ivanka of Vixens (outcall only) is also very nice looking, but I have also heard reports of CBJ, so I didn't try to book her. Michelle of Topgirls is very attractive both facially and with a nice figure--I am waiting to hear back if she is available.

Facially, I really like Kali of Vixens (outcall only), and Anna and Abby of Mirage. I also like Natalie of Exquisite, and Paris of GOE. Anna and Abby I would describe as more classical (Westernized) facial beauties, and to a degree Kali too. Natalie and Paris are exotic beauties.

Wow, thanks for the detailed analysis LW.
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