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Need assistance from the ladies in regards to tie selection

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If you want to pick out good ties, ask a lady for assistance. Women are EXCELLENT at selecting good-looking ties.

In my experience, NAUTICA branded ties from Hudson Bay are very nice, good quality ties. Some guys collect watches, I choose to collect ties. I like having an assortment of nice ties. A tie really makes a difference to your overall look.

Currently, in my sales position, I am selling mid-range products. Not high-end, not low end. If I was selling lower-end, I would go with more striped ties. If I was selling high-end, I would go with more solid colour ties. Mid-range, I want to have a tie that is a little bit 'loud', but still nice looking. Makes a statement, but is still professional looking.

I am trying to decide whether to go with the following tie or not:

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