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New SPs Demi, Samantha, Nikita, plus Carly/Vera/Madeline/Emma/Evangeline/Lacey & more

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Feb 26, 2014
Well guys, there's no denying it - Allegra is the hot place to work for all the SPs in Toronto! Our roster is booming and we're bringing in new talent at a record-setting pace. What else can we say? Our SPs love being able to work independently, while also being part of a group, and having all the supports they would have in a typical agency - but the freedom to work on their own and make the most of their abilities. Meanwhile, you have a single phone number that you can call to spend time with an ever-growing number of amazing SPs. It's the perfect hybrid between agency & indy! :)

Enough talk from me - you want to know about our sexy new SPs! Let me first introduce


"Allow me to introduce myself, I am Demi Davenport! I am a exotic and fiery young woman. I find myself insanely heated by a gentle and erotic touch. While I am intensely sensual myself, I have an openminded, but terribly naughty side. Sophisticated and classy, yet fun and witty, I have an undying zest for life and a smile that will stop you in your tracks."

Next, the stunning Sensual Nikita:


"I will always great you with a smile and a kiss, and make you feel relaxed and comfortable. I would love to get to know you better and explore your sensuality. I pride myself on having a very curvy and a feminine body, and I work out on a regular basis to stay in shape. I am an intelligent, down to earth and a well-rounded woman who loves a few laughs and always ready for some fun."

Here's the classic beauty


"City-girl Jacqueline is a poised young women... with a secret. Educated, warm, understanding, supple and tactile, she is a delight to be around, making you feel immediately at ease. A chameleon, and always up for an adventure, she's your perfect companion for anything from a tasting menu, a weekend away or a couple hours of afternoon indulgence. Book some time with Jacqueline if you seek a woman to share laughter with, a human connection, perhaps a libation or two and genuine intimacy."

Last but not least, curvy


"Good day, I am Samantha Charles. A sensual seductress with all natural curves, luscious lips and bountiful naughtiness. I embrace all of life's little pleasures, whether it's good music, engaging conversation or a great cabernet. I love to please and be pleased; a genuine shared passionate experience. I delight in knowing I helped put that extra spring in your step or smile on your face!"

In the meantime, here's our schedule for the last day we're open this week:


To spend time with one of our amazing SPs, please call or text us at 416-655-7401!
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