Made with Love

The Palace My Return for Nadia


Aug 29, 2012

On my last day of this 22 day trip my buddy Vinnie and I went back to the Palace after visiting a smaller Club early that afternoon. On a previous visit I wanted to do a room with two Ukrainian girls but ended up seeing only one of them named Nastya ( Nastja) because her partner Nadia was busy in a room for along time. As Vinnie and I were getting a drink at the bar I spotted the two Ukie's on the other side of the bar. They soon saw me and came rushing over with big smiles on their faces & put their arms around me. Nastya the more aggressive one started with " My Love.. you can now take both of us to a room." I told her I already saw her and I only wanted to take Nadia to a room this time but only later that evening. Nastya tried to persist but I turned to Nadia and told her to come back later. Nadia said Ok and the girls left.

As it was my last night in Europe I wanted to spend some time just hanging out and talking to other girls before doing a room. I went up the loft and sat on a couch while Vinnie wandered around the bar area. During the next hour or so girls would come up to the loft and sit next to me to talk. Sometimes they would snuggle up to me as we talked. I was getting hungry so as I walked toward the dining area I saw Vinnie coming out of the locker room. He said he just did a room with Nadia and had a good time. We both went to eat.

After eating I went back to the Loft area for a while then I went looking for Nadia. As I approached Nadia from behind she turned and when she saw me she asked "you ready?" I replied " let's do this ." She looked surprised but then she quickly took my arm and led me to a room. In the room I told her that I would give her 100Euros for 1/2hr of Kissing , BBBJ , 69 , & Sex . She never tried any up-selling during the session.

We started off with soft lingering kisses then Nadia moved down and began a BJ. As I began to rub her back softly she moved her body sideways and then opened her legs widely . I can take a hint so I reached over and began to rub her pussy while she sucked my Dick. Nadia was giving me a very good BJ with lots of suction as her mouth moved slowly up & down the entire length of my Dick. I knew that my sessions at another club earlier in the day meant that it would take me longer to pop this time so I let her suck me for a good 5 minutes. Next I had Nadia move over on her back so I could lick and suck on her perky Tits before I began licking her pussy. As I licked her pussy she began to make soft moans and she started rubbing my shoulders . I let her have her fun until she became wet. At this point I usually do sex but I wanted more of her soft lips on my Dick so I told her to move on top of me for some 69. As I reached up and grabbed two nice handfuls of her firm Ass Nadia began bobbing her head up & down slowly at 1st . Then she began to grind her pussy against my tongue and at the same time she started to suck me harder and faster. Again I let her have her fun until she was dripping .

Finally I told her to put a condom on me and told her I wanted to start with Doggy. She moved around on all fours and I entered her from behind. When she began to moan I grabbed her hips and fucked her hard & fast . As her ass was slapping against me Nadia let out a loud moan. She then lowered her face onto the bed & reached between her legs to rub her clit. At 1st it was OK and she moaned louder but she also started rubbing herself faster and I began feeling sharp stabbing pains in mt balls. Nadia has very long and sharp fingernails! I didn't want to break the mood but I didn't want to get castrated either so I had her turn over. Nadia guided me into her & then she wrapped her arms around me pulling on top of her. As I fucked hard and deep she started rubbing all up and down my shoulders and arms. Not doing Doggy as long as I usually do it was now causing me to take longer to finish . Nadia seemed to be enjoying it and her pussy felt good around my Dick so we Fucked like that for a long time. Just as I was starting to think we were close to the time I felt Nadia's Pussy begin to squeeze around Dick and soon I popped. Damn if that wasn't a great way to finish things off for this trip.

After a shower Vinnie & I grabbed a snack and he told me that when he did a room with Nadia she put his thumb in her Ass. He wasn't sure if she just liked that or maybe she was trying to suggest to him that her Ass was available ? Later we were sitting on the couches near the money lockers when Nadia came up behind me putting her arms around my neck. She then kissed my cheek and said in her sexy accent " I love you so Much" before she walked away. At first I felt flattered but then I remembered she also said that to me last week when I first her. All in all this club & the girls were more expensive than most of the other clubs we visited but we all had a great time so it was worth it.
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