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Ukrainian singer Jamala wins Eurovision competition


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What a beautiful voice, too bad for the Russians that found it offensive.

Jamala of Ukraine on Sunday won the immensely popular Eurovision Song Contest with a somber, controversial tune that evokes Moscow's deportation of members of her Crimean ethnic group during World War II.

She sang "1944," a song about the deportation of Crimean Tatars by the Soviet Union on orders of Josef Stalin. Her performance also was considered a strong rebuke to Russian President Vladimir Putin's 2014 military push into Ukraine, according to European media reports. Russia annexed Crimea.
Russian state media this week called the song anti-Russian; Moscow said it violated Eurovision rules.

Contest officials ruled the song didn't breach rules preventing "lyrics, speeches or gestures of a political or similar nature."
Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko tweeted his congratulations to Jamala.

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