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A good problem to have???

10 days in, it's really hard to tell exactly how she is. We are both on our best behaviour. I must seem really witty and charming and am always "on" when I see her. Only time will tell...
PokerDude, if this is any consolation, my experience with civilians is that new relationships for me usually start very hot. Initially there is never enough sex, but then familiarity sets in and the sex life gets less and less. With this new hottie, I am guessing that if you reach the 2 month mark, it will probably be once a week.

My suggestion, ride the wave, enjoy it while you can and stock up on the red bull :)

billdong said:
How is it going PD any new news?.

Just trying to keep her at arms length. She's going to visit family this weekend so I get some breathing room. My F buddy is pretty much done. Probably about time for that chapter to close anyhow. Looking forward to a session or two this weekend :razz:
Pokerdude. WTF, you dumbass!

7 days in the week! 2/3 for both of them. Keep a day for yourself, sports, whatever. You have 2 ladies, givin' it up for free, open their minds to a couples club just for laughs or the dancers just for laughs. Who knows maybe, you could score a FMF with them at some point. Stop hobbyin' as long as you got this going on!

Dude, the first time a woman comes to your place; she's sizing up re-decorating. If she stays the night, she's already claimed a drawer and is thinking about changing your wardrobe. If she leaves a toothbrush, you're royally screwed! LMAO.

Seriously, keep it light with them and enjoy the ride while it's there. Save your poon' $ for awhile! The Player Hater's Ball!
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