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IN-Call elassowipo's review dump Part 4 - MGF

Me again said:
You are the man dude. Which one is your favorite from MGF.

LOL, I didn't expect my MGF review compilation to get resurrected. I think I must have seen nearly every girl they sent over.

As for my favorite, I would have to say Occeane, with Sabrina a close second.
SloCumHeat said:
You if ever met Oceanne in person, your jaw would hit the floor, and your tongue would be wiping up your drool.

Oceanne is the hottest blonde SP I've ever seen. Hotter than Jade, Rorie, Abby, Billie, Jessie (Mirage), Raya etc. (Never seen Cory though).

Do you have any reviews of them.
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