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olayda said:
OK, I guess I'm back in the saddle. Happy Rayden, BT123? :cool:
Turned 50 last week and thought I deserved a present for a half century of service. What better than a Russian duo? I know I am a bit verbose, so a duo review could be scary. I will try to stick to the highlights.

Nice condo by the Skydome, walk right in, lights dimmed with candles and soft music. The girls were there to greet me with hugs and lingering kisses as we waltzed into the bedroom. Evelyn continued to DFK while unbuttoning my shirt and belt pulling my pants down to my ankles and taking a generous handful of cock. Slapped my ass and said "run,run and shower."

The girls: Both ladies are pretty much exactly like the pics. Both have very pretty russian features with sexy accents. Evelyn's face is more narrow, Natalie's is wider.
The bodies: Only one word can describe Natalie's body...luscious. Tanned with a pear shaped ass, big heavy natural tits only rivalled by Layla I would say. Large light brown bumpy nipples. Smooooth skin, bare kitty with not a hint of stubble.
Evelyn has lovely pale soft skin with perky B's and sweet pink nipples. Her ass is a bit fuller, but gorgeous. Sweet kitty with a landing strip.
The service: Evelyn is definitely a take charge girl, hold on to your balls I'm going to make you sweat type. Having said that she also is happy to take direction. Natalie is more the sensuous GFE type and incredibly sexy.
The action: I will try to stick to the highlites.

Back from the shower, the girls are intertwined and necking. I hop in with a flurry of DFK,groping,caressing,bra removal and burying my head in Natalie's endless cleavage. She goes down for Daty while I DFK with Evelyn. Down to her tits then eventually join Nat as we Daty together. Nat tags up and I continue Daty while she creeps behind and licks my balls. Ev. is super responsive,humping my face and grabbing my hair until a powerful O ( I can never tell if they're fake or real and I don't really give a shit)

Ev gets up and literally throws me on my back,gets on her knees and devours my cock. Enthusiastic jackhammer DT and BLS while Nat dangles her very large tits over my mouth for a while then sits on my face (man, what a pussy). Nat then goes down to join Ev.Sucks on her tits for a while then eyes my staff. Nat's bbbj style is softer,full lipped and more sensual occasionally pausing as a string of saliva spans my head and her lower lip. Ev is on BLS the whole time and my heart is thumping. We go on to more Daty tag team on Natalie this time who cums moaning "Oh fuck.." a few times while Evelyn dines aggressively and I do a bit of anal digits, my finger covered in her slippery juice.

Ev puts on the jacket with her mouth and hops on . Grinds me slowly. Nat kisses my chest and neck and says" how does she feel,Olayda?" ( she didn't actually call me Olayda ). I looked at her, opened my mouth,but no words came out. Nat came in for DFK and Ev started pumping hard in CG.
Life affirming doggie then pounding mish while Nat sat back and played with herself. Near the end we were slapping in mish, Nat lay beside us, her right hand caressing Ev's tits, sucking and licking my two fingers and fingering herself with her left hand. This was simply too much stimulation. "Damn it Jim I'm a doctor not a porn star". I started to shudder from my core and came all over Ev's tits and tummy while the girls kissed and licked each other. I thought I might spit a ball through the end of my dick.

When I regained consciousness there was continual kissing and caressing,joking and laughing ( Evelyn loves to fool around ). Soon, Nat thought it was time to get back to business even tho I told her I am usually 1 SOG guy ( like BT...who always seems to nut twice these days)

Long story short, SOG2 arrived with Evelyn sucking and licking my balls non stop for about 5 minutes while Nat slurpilly sucked me for a CIMSW finish. As I lay there gasping for air and speed dialing my cardiologist, Ev continued to slowly lick my balls while Nat cuddled rubbing my stomach and kissing my chest. OMG, suicide bombers got nothing over that.

At this point it's usually shower,hugs,kisses and goodbye. This was a bit different. I said " I guess I better hit the shower" Evelyn said " who says so?".
OK, I'll linger. I chit chatted with Evelyn. Nat was beside me. She pulled my hand down and I slowly circled her clit with a slippery finger. She just lay there with her eyes closed, humping subtly. Ev leaned over to ask her something and she said, " Shh...I'm having sexy time" in that sweet accent. I eventually tried to get dressed,but Ev kept putting her hand in my boxers. When I was fully clothed she backed me up against the wall with her ass and did a standing lap dance.

Both ladies showed me to the door naked with their heels on. We stood in a circle DFKing grabbing and groping until I finally mustered the strength to leave. All in all an hour that I will remember for a long time.. My only regret was that I never got to FS with Natalie so I guess I'll just have to go back.

Damage: On special. Regular 600 on for 500.......................Money well spent (Next time I promise to write a shorter review).... :?

Now that's what I am talking about! I am going to go for 2 hours . . . that's it . . . these girls are going to kill me . . . but what a way to go!

thetank said:
Now that's what I am talking about! I am going to go for 2 hours . . . that's it . . . these girls are going to kill me . . . but what a way to go!


I definately think you should. While I haven't seen Evelyn, I really enjoyed Natalie...
so much so that I repeated the next day.
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