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For Wolfish Desires - Limited Availability this weekend!


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Mar 31, 2015
Friday 10am - 6pm & Monday 12pm - 4pm

From our first contact I strive to establish a genuine connection with you. Taking pride in perfecting your experience so that we can truly enjoy one anothers company, no small detail is too much. I am always courteous and gentle, and I prefer that you hold yourself to those standards as well. So while I encourage that you confide in me your preferences please leave vulgarity behind.

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Turning my fair body into a canvas of delicate imagery is the only alteration that I have made. My soft & firm figure will tempt you, and mischevious green eyes that will invite you in are just a couple of reasons to find yourself behind closed doors with me for our mutual endevours.

I will make you feel singularly special, with my quick wit and curious mind you will be fascinated by more than just my smile. Our time together will spoil you and leave you craving more indulgence during our next encounter.*

here on HUBGFE has only good things to say about the attention and affection that I provide my guests with. If you would like to know more about me you can either*email*me or visit my .​
Dillan Wolfe
514 - 800 - 1423 (txt only)
[email protected]
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