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Imagine How Awesome Toronto would be...


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If the Scandinavians immigrated here instead of the Asians and Brown South Asians?

Think about it. Toronto could have a ton of HOTT attractive blue eyed blondes, who would most definitely fit into our culture. Instead, we are infested with Asians. And Asians ruin everything they get their greedy hands on.

Guys, just imagine these women walking around our great city...






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I'd tongue punch the last broads fart box :lol2::crazy2:

Fuck yeah! Have you seen pics of Cristy Curves? She's a sexy busty blonde with amazing huge tits.

She's really hot for an old broad. We should DP her, but I want her ass that way i can hold on to her sexy fat tits and kiss the back of her neck.

Between you and I...Cristy is like McDonalds...She makes my anus moist!
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Every Asian that enters Canada has to show financial means. They can't come over here with only a few thousand in their account. They invest heavily in the country and provide alot of tax base for our government spending.

Without the asians, seriously, we are beyond broke.

If people get upset at all the Chinese in Canada, well, without the Chinese, your favourite government program wouldn't exist. Cuts would be everywhere.

And remember, the Chinese produced much of the inexpensive things we consumed over the past 20 years. We paid them for those things and now they are coming here with their earned income and investing in a better future. No one can blame them for that.

Now they are buying companies, properties and land. Very normal behaviour.
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