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IN-Call Mya Espinosa on the casting couch - the movie

Beenthere123 said:
Where is smylee? You have many questions to answer bud. Dr Anus has a good question, how did you know about her special price.

I just stumbles on her add on CL BT123 . I had read 4 times scintillating account so I booked ASAP .
Great review, smylee. Too bad about the restricted menu. These 2 quotes stand out for me and really defines the experience.

I moved up to your mouth for a little kiss and got the head turned away, so I knew that this was going to be a challenge for a GFE.

As my cock got hard with your hand stroking it, you told me to hang on a second while you put on a condom for a BJ. I thought wait a minute, this was supposed to be a GFE and told you that a BBBJ would be fine.

I know that you were looking for a BBBJ, Smylee, but I have to remind you that you got the special rate of $160 for an hour and that gets you a CBJ, not a BBBJ.
4Times said:
KR. Much more of a menu is available at 200$ which is an amazing price for the hour. I think she priced the Safe GFE attractively too. Hell Emm charges 250+ for Safe GFE.

True dat . Price was very good for a safe GFE and my only complaint was she didn't specify that the discount got you a little less candy . She seems like a smart girl so I suspect she will learn from this . Lots of girls have multi tiered service levels and avoid any misunderstandings by specifying levels like safe GFE , GFE , PSE and "fuck the living shit out of you " , :razz: .

I think I made it pretty clear I had a good time in spite of the misunderstanding . I don't think her intent was to mislead and she just assumed a guy wouldn't expect her full range of services when paying a reduced price . I expect we will be able to make a better assessment as more information becomes available . I would certainly encourage hobbyists to give her a try just be prepared if you get the special price it may be a Safe GFE . Let's not forget many hobbyists prefer the Safe GFE . Just better to make it very clear up front .

Once again thanks for the positive reply's . FYI the lady no longer goes by Mya and I believe she is now Nina .

For any newbies just do an advanced search on threads started by smylee52 . There's 8 or 9 of these little productions in the Incall section . Enjoy .

If people are wondering how these movie reviews are received by the ladies I can tell you I have received only positive PM's directly from an SP or indirectly through the agency or an acquaintance of the SP .

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