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IN-Call Olivia Ray @ TIE Review

GDLLover said:
Actually I was raised in Toronto. My jobs have required me to write reports for customers in clear and concise format on factual researched content. Sometimes my writing can get borring, but I promise to always write on the facts as I see it (I try to be objective). I do also make sure that I don't get too explicit as its important to me to not offend the lady I write about.

At least with your writing style, no one on HUBGFE will slam you about being a "self-aggrandizing", "self-exalting" asshole....LoL those two always crack me up :lol:

Your reviews are great GDL - keep it up Dude!
Judge said:
Brings the question are some reviews here to explicit, what % of SP you think read their reviews?

IMHO some do get too explicit, but then again mine might be too conservative. There's a fine line of how racy it can get to what is acceptable.

How many ladies read the reviews, from the surveying I have done 80% read the reviews. However, most will not respond to the reviews as they don't want to appear to be promoting themselves, regardless they read them to know what the buzz is about them. Like it or not the reviews are a feedback mechanism for the ladies, it indirectly is also a sales tool. We would be really naive to think otherwise.
4Times said:

You show Olivia great respect by not going too deeply into the details. As i have not seen a great many reviews on her i was wondering if this is something that she discusses with her clients. I think i would be farther up the confidence curve in trying to be a client if I knew that the full True GFE menu was there and if it was provided with skill and a good attitude. Can you elaborate?

Also what do you know about T.I.E., is this like the Ladies In Pink, a group of Indis operating under a banner for advertising? These ladies seem to fall outside of the Incall Review Boards but I suspect there is good service there.

As a matter of fact I did have a discussion with Olivia regarding her lack of menu on her advertisment. This is no accident, she doesn't want to mislead anyone as to what to expect therefore I didn't get into details out of respect. From my experience with her she is not the ymmv type as in hit or miss type lady, she does prefer the GFE type session and isn't reserved. IMHO I do think she is being cautious as to setting expectations, but generally going in clean and respectful will end up with a GFE type session. Yes, all activies we engaged in were very enjoyable as she is skilled in pleasuring and did so with a great attitude, I wouldn't have expected more from her.

TIE is more or an advertising agency for the group of indy's. TIE posts the advertisments for their ladies (not sure who owns or rents condo but doesn't matter to client). When I setup the appointment I talked to Olivia only. All communication was with Olivia so she is indy as far as i'm concerned.

Since the Girls in Pink are no longer active I will talk about its reincarnate Pink Inc. This is a quasi agency. Really for the clients it is a group of indy's that play together (duos, etc) and when we see any lady there we setup the appointment directly with the lady so they are also considered indy's. Behind the scene's from the ladies perspective they are also indy's that also can get agency help if needed for things like bookings, rooms, advertising, how-to's just as though they worked for an agency. To the client it is transparent, they are all indy's and we deal with them as such.

For both TIE and Pink Inc. I have found through experience and reading reviews of all their ladies, they are both stacked with good providers. They lack many reviews I believe for the reason that most clients frequent the agencies as they don't need to do as much research. Lets face it most guys are lazy and call an agency so they have 10-20 ladies availabe to them. The other reason is the ladies in TIE and Pink Inc. most often prebook whereas the agencies more frequently do same day bookings. There is no reflection of quaity of service either way IMHO.
4Times said:
GDLLover said:
As a matter of fact I did have a discussion with Olivia regarding her lack of menu on her advertisment. This is no accident, she doesn't want to mislead anyone as to what to expect therefore I didn't get into details out of respect.

Aha. You see how perceptive I am GDL?

Thanks Amigo. This provides a lot of info. I know that i should be involved in more Indi play and support them more because I respect the fact they are the franchise owners and have to step up to keep their brand name supported. They have more on the line with each call so it only goes to say that the effort and standards are likely going to be stronger. As I am review driven in my hobbying, I guess i have held back because of a lack of reivews that are easily explained by the fact that Indis have more repeat clientele that are less likely to post reviews on the same experience as good as it may be. It must be hard on the Indis having to keep attracting and booking new clients. I bet Olivia has a solid stable of regulars.

You are right the indy's tend to have more repeat clients, to date I have only repeated with indy's, maybe for good reason, then again I can certainly see myself repeating with an agency girl I just seen recently.

I would agree Olivia does have some good regulars. When I called twice, I got voicemail and was returned in due time. This tells me she does have other clients (I can see why) it also is important to note that she doesn't answer her phone during a session. This is very important to me and I would write this detail in a review for any lady that did that.
4Times said:
GDLLover said:
The phone thing became an issue for me last week during a session. I'm a low maintenance easy going client but that was distracting. We should start a thread listing SPs who have their phones on. And the TV on for that matter. Olivia sounds like the consumate pro.

I haven't had a problem with any indy's answering the phone, they know its downright rude and is a big problem for me. No indy I have seen answers the phone during a session, so by expecting that we must also have some understanding when we try to contact them. Its ok for me anyway as I prefer advanced bookings 1week to 2 days in advance by email.

Olivia is a great lady, pleasure to deal with and be pleasured by. :)
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