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What constitutes gay?

Nikki with all due respect, in my younger days I use to go to the clubs. I would have been very upset if a TGIRL had started french kissing with me. That in itself is not fair to the unsuspecting male who only wants to be with a strictly biological woman with a vagina. I don't believe that is a safe thing to be doing.
jiggyjiggy said:
Wow, 4 pages and still going. Interesting how the two camps get entrenched in their views with certain topics.

Oh well, time to move on and for me it's back to pussy!

Really move on guys and ladies, people make their choices about how they want to live their lifes and they dont need to explain it to anyone.
Marcus said:
Really move on guys and ladies, people make their choices about how they want to live their lifes and they dont need to explain it to anyone.

I totally agree, time to close this thread and worry about more important things. Let's forget about "what constitutes gay" and pay more attention to "what constitutes GOLD!!!" Team Canada Gold, that is!

Let's go boys, go out there and make us proud! :-D
Tgirl Nikki said:
Just so I'm clear - it seems that, based on your responses, no single act defines one's sexuality, am I right? Whether it's the first or the hundredth act is important, though it could be that you're defined by the first and the next hundred don't matter, or you're defined by the last and the first hundred don't matter.

Just so you are clear about my opinion, I will try and clarify it for you. If a man has a yen for a stiff or limp dick, which does not belong to him, then in my books and many peoples book, he is either gay or bisexual, depending if he enjoys throwing the odd pussy into the mix.

I don't call anyone gay or bisexual and mean it as an insult, but just as a way of identifying their preference. To me it is the same as calling someone Irish, Italian and so forth in order to identify their culture.

On Sunday mornings I will be looking out my window and see well dressed people with small brief cases walking up and down the neighborhood door knocking. I look over at my wife and say "eh Rosa, don't answer the door, the Jehovah's Witnesses are coming again"! Is that label offensive too? It is what describes them quickly and effectively for me to get my message across. Nothing wrong with that in my book.

EDIT. Sorry Nikki, didn't see your last post, if you would like to drop it, be my guest, I am done too.
Guido said:
Sorry Nikki, didn't see your last post, if you would like to drop it, be my guest, I am done too.

No problem, I think we posted within a minute of each other so you wouldn't have seen it before you clicked "submit." Thanks for answering my questions, and of course I respect your opinion - the more we share our thoughts on sexuality, the more it benefits everyone. :)

Now, let's go watch our Canadian boys kick some ass, and remind everyone who's game this is! :D
I've been conspicuously absent from this thread. I could only log on for short spurts and didn't have a chance to put my thoughts together on this.

I am a totaly open minded person about sexuality. I've participated in WMW 3somes and MWM 3somes on many occassions in my lifetime. I never thought I was gay. Was there sword crossing involved int he MWM? What did you expect during an act like that, unless you are both at opposite ends high fiving each other while you're banging this girl.

Have I ever sucked cock? Nope.
Have I been pegged by a GF? Yep.
Do I find seeing a TGirl enticing? Yep. I've chatted with Nikki in email.
Do I find the offer that Gen has for being one of the first to take her up on a 3some with Nikki intriguing? Yep.
Do I look at a guy and start licking my lips thinking that I want him? Nope.
Am I comfortable enough to think that another man is handsome? Yep.
Am I comfortable enough to tell him that he's good looking? Yep.
Do I love pussy? Yep.
Do I get wood when I see a good looking woman? Yep.
When I watch porn and I see a limp dick trying to penetrate a woman, do I go limp and fast forward? Yep.
Do I get aroused when I see an erect penis penetrate a woman? Yep.
Do I get aroused when I see a large erect penis penetrate a woman? Yep
Am I open with my liberal sexuality to my male friends? Yep
Are they afraid that I'll want to fuck them? Nope.
Am I gay or bi? Nope.

There was a review on the other board regarding an encounter with Nikki. I have nothing but applause and kudos for that member to be brave enough to post that. And of the few replies to that thread, there was not one comment left (when I last looked), that was negative.

I'm open in my sexuality. I don't consider myself gay or bi or even bi-curious. You only have to read some of my reviews to know that I love women and everything that they have to offer. Some of the members here have a good attitude in that, whatever happens behind closed doors is left to the two (or more) people that are on the other side of it. I'm sure that we all have our unique wants and needs regarding what gets us off, but does that make them any stranger than the rest of the population?

We of all people (who participate in this hobby), should not judge.
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