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Is it necessary to write reviews?

Reviews are definitely worth writing. I enjoy reading them, some are better written than others, some are funny, some read like a romantic novel, for me I enjoy reading them all. Plus without them we would be at the mercy of the B&S scam artists or the ladies that just want to make a quick buck at our expense.
Would someone please call a tow truck and get that damn 89 Oldsmobile out of Jiggy's driveway.

It's been a neighbourhood eyesore for damn near three years now.
Without the reviews (and to a lesser extent the naked pictures) what are we left with? Word association games, NRA members and the "Have you ever dated an sp?" threads.
Demien2k5 said:
Not directing this at Guido or anyone else, just generalizing here....

What I've found in this situation is that a) looks will always be subjective to a very great extent, although great looking will always be just that - great looking to the obvious naked eye but b) sub-par performances after stellar ones are often due to the lack of chemistry and rapport established at the front end of any session.

When I read glowing reviews about performance, it always seems that it's never a 30min ground and pound, but at bare min and hour or more, and that the client put some concerted effort, not necessarilly lots of time, but an effort into building some interpersonal connection with the lady (be it through humor or some other means) BEFORE jumping her to start the action.

My personal sense is that many clients often lose sight of the fact that all services aside, these SPs are REAL PEOPLE with REAL FEELINGS, not automatrons / robotic fucking machines, which can certainly have an adverse effect on your session the more you trend in that direction.

Out of context, if you're genial, friendly and easy going with your waitress, more often than not she'll make your meal a memorable experience of fun, quality dining. Treat her like a confederate slave and she won't give a rat's ass if your food is cold, has the chef's snot in it, or gets delivered to the table any time within 4 hours of your arrival....if you act like a jerk, you'll be seen as a jerk, and the service you receive will suck, even if your waitress is drop dead gorgeous.

Demien wrote this six years ago and it still seems right to me.
jj77* said:
Demien wrote this six years ago and it still seems right to me.

Exactly!! it's very well said and the reason I often wonder why some put so much value on reviews. Yes I understand and appreciate review boards and their place and need, I'm here so.. but to base your decision on someones else's experience *alone* is silly, just mho. Never should any client expect what happened with "Bob" and "Alice" to be repeated with him, as much as she may be this or that to him or 50 guys she may not be with you, because a good time takes *two* or three, or.... you get my point:)
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